Print Journal

Our print journal is published annually during the summer.  The print journal features the latest law review articles, essays and comments from scholars and students on topics relating to public land and resources law , environmental law and federal Indian law.

Volume 34 (2014) is now available.  Please contact the PLRLR, for any questions about the publication at


7 Responses to Print Journal

  1. George Trefry says:

    Is volume 32 available?

  2. Rebecca Bernard says:

    How does one submit an article for consideration? Are you still accepting submissions for the summer 2012 issue? Thanks.

  3. Lawrence V. Albert says:

    When will Volume 32 be available online? Your website used to post past volumes online, now this is gone–why?

  4. Daniel Gallacher says:

    Regarding your 2012 issue that I just purchased at the conference, in your introductory remarks, written by John wright and Justin Froehling, you breifly summarize the US Supreme Court’s decision in PPL Montana v. Montana and state that the Court stated that the three rivers at the heart of the decision were not in fact navigable in 1872 “when Montana became a state:” For clarification, Montana was granted statehood in 1889, not 1872.

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